See us at M3 in Tokyo, April 29th 2018

Location: TRC Tokyo Ryutsu Center in Tokyo
Booth M-14 a, b.

We’re releasing a lot. NAS & Sinewell bring the second D’n’B album. Even deeper bass, even punchier snares! Stereomatics will release their first album influenced by tribal cultures. And finally, a lot of our friends from Secret Bass Crew – Suga Sweetie will present a new sweet album, and Yushka will show you how to make the best potatoes.

Please check out the crossfades for now, then visit us in person at M3 and at the release party!

Release party

Join the Crew on their cosmic journey through their new and epic releases.

What: Bass House, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Techno, Hard Style and more
Where: White Space Lab – the land of great sound and good friends (low smoke!!)
When: April 29th, 17:00-23:00
How: 500 JPY (OMG💖)

Who (DJs):

NAS (new releases)
TMSU (new releases)
SINEWELL (new releases)
YUSHKA (new releases)
SUGAR SWEETIE (new releases)

Who (VJs):


Preview the upcoming releases

NAS & Sinewell – UNDERTONE (Drum and Bass)

Stereomatics – FUTURE TRIBAL (Bass House)

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