nano Synthetics – Virtual Analog Synth


(VST & Au,

Sound Samples


  • Virtual Analog Synth
  • Up to 32 voices per note – create deep evolving sounds or enormous leads
  • Made for playability – parameters tweak smoothly and laid out for modulation
  • Continuously morphable analog modeled oscillators – put your wavetables to shame
  • Self-oscillating filters with 4 analog models – make your patch scream with tuneable internal saturation
  • Serial and Parallel filter routings, configurable filter drive
  • Effects units – fire eq, distortion, delay, reverb, chorus
  • Modulation matrix with hundreds of parameters

We’re extremely happy to announce nano Synthetics, a virtual synthesizer made for playability. It’s free and it’s awesome. Brought to you by NAS.
Windows VST (32-bit, 64-bit)
Mac OSX AU (32-bit, 64-bit)
Mac OSX VST (64-bit)

PSYNERGY PROJECT – Universe in Space

Fun fact: some of the tracks on PSYNERGY PROJECT’s first official release “Universe in Space” started out as musical ideas more than 15 years ago, back when psychedelic trance was quite a different beast. Did we succeed in trapping the old Goa spirit between these fresh basslines? You tell us.

More information at

VJ1 – OP-1 meets Modern Web

Recently we’ve been working on a web-based software for VJ1 which would utilise Modern Web (HTML5, WebGL shaders) and OP-1 as a controller for controlling the software.

On the pictures you can see the solution in action. We’re planning to release the software as open source soon. Stay tuned!

What is stereomatics?

Stereomatics is a group of three software engineers from Tokyo doing music related experimental projects in their spare time.

This website is a showroom for our experiments. If you’d like to learn more or collaborate, send us a message. You can also find us DJing in Daikanyama Lodge quite regularly.


Inspired by Team Supreme we decided to do something similar. Rent a nice venue for one hour, brink your gear, order drinks and make a complete track. In 30 minutes. That’s how we started 30SESSIONS.


  1. Never talk about 30SESSIONS.
  2. Never ever talk about 30SESSIONS.
  3. You have 30 minutes to make a complete track. No preparations.
  4. After the session, one of us makes a mix and publishes it on soundcloud.
  5. If you’re joining for the first time, you must play your track.

Edition 4 (Mixed by ISIDOR)

Edition 3 (Mixed by TXD)

Edition 2 (Mixed by TRI4NGLES)

Edition 1 (Mixed by NAS)