Stereomatics「NASとTMSU」から最初のリリース。フューチャーハウスとベースハウスとトラップでトライバル音楽曲風曲です。プレビューをお聞きください。M3音系・メディアミックス同人即売会で4月29日に開催します。【M-14a, b】

The first official Stereomatics album, by NAS & TMSU. Future House and Bass House with trap elements, strongly referring to tribal music. Yes, this is a new genre – Future Tribal.

We’ll be distributing the album at M3. You can also download it from iTunes, Google Play Music and other online stores starting from April 29th.

We’ll also host a release party on April 29th in Tokyo, Shibuya. Check out the M3 page for more details here.

For now, check out the crossfade. Welcome to the tribe.

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