(VST & Au,

Sound Samples


  • Virtual Analog Synth
  • Up to 32 voices per note – create deep evolving sounds or enormous leads
  • Made for playability – parameters tweak smoothly and laid out for modulation
  • Continuously morphable analog modeled oscillators – put your wavetables to shame
  • Self-oscillating filters with 4 analog models – make your patch scream with tuneable internal saturation
  • Serial and Parallel filter routings, configurable filter drive
  • Effects units – fire eq, distortion, delay, reverb, chorus
  • Modulation matrix with hundreds of parameters

We’re extremely happy to announce nano Synthetics, a virtual synthesizer made for playability. It’s free and it’s awesome. Brought to you by NAS.
Windows VST (32-bit, 64-bit)
Mac OSX AU (32-bit, 64-bit)
Mac OSX VST (64-bit)


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